Special Saturday

My mum wanted me to get a special hairstyle done at her hairdresser's. As my hair is very straight by nature, I asked for big hair and that's what I got. I realise that from behind my hair is not as blond as I thought it was... It's like auburn or what? 

I didn't see the point of getting the hair done and then go home, put on a tracksuit and lie on the couch. So I suggested that we go out for dinner. 

My parents had never been to Le Sud but knowing them, I knew that they would like it. We had an apéritif at the bar first where we were served hors-d'oeuvres. I only had the soup because I don't eat duck or foie gras. 

We moved downstairs to the restaurant. My parents were interested in the menu de dégustation, which contained a few meat dishes. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the chef could adapt it for me and serve a pescetarian version. 

Escargots (snails) for my parents. 

Truffles on toast for me. 

Mushroom and truffles cappuccino. 

After the hors-d'oeuvres came the starters: Le bar de ligne, émulsion de topinambours

My second starter was turbot. 

My parents both ate pork and foie gras? Well, it looks like it. 

This was the third starter: noix de Saint Jacques (scallop) with olives and pine nuts. 

My mum and I had the sole petit bateau as a main course...

... while my dad had ordered the pigeonneau en croûte farci au chou, foie gras et truffes (pigeon stuffed with cabbage, foie gras and truffles)... 

... accompanied by mashed potatoes. 

Dessert was a never-ending story! First of all we skipped the cheese tray because we were so full. We went straight to the sweet stuff by having a soft creamy caramel cake...

... strawberry sorbet... 

... and they served us two of these plates with mini opera, macarons and cake. 

My mum and I finished the dinner with a glass of rosé champagne and toasted to the International Women's Day. 

I was really happy that my parents had a good time. As I said in other posts, they are total food snobs and I don't know anyone else who is this picky about what they eat. I once took them to a hamburger place that they absolutely disliked and they still remember it today. 

Le Sud
8, Rives de Clausen
L-2165 Luxembourg

PS: I absolutely don't like foie gras and I really hope that its production will be banned internationally in the near future. 


  1. Wow the food looks amazing. You always take amazing pictures.

  2. Your hair is stunning!

  3. I don't fancy foie gras either... However, your hair looks lovely! It is quite red-ish, as you said, more like an auburn. And by the way, I'm loving your black dress.
    About the food, it looks amazing. Those desserts look absolutely delicious! xx

  4. Happy Women's Day! You look great and I love your hair colour! The food looks really nice. Glad you had a good time and that your parents liked the food!

  5. Your hair looks so pretty and the food in this restaurant looks so good and exquisite. Also I have the same opinion about foie gras! I mean it's just so unnecessary and cruel how they produce it and I think it tastes awful... How can anyone like it? I mean just because it is known as a delicacy?!

  6. Your hair loooks very glamorous and what a lovely restaurant. Some delicious looking dishes and all beautifully presented. Opera is a favourite of mine and macarons of course, so this dessert would have been perfect for me!

  7. Hi Anouka, love your hair in this way, it suits you! Looking enchanting in the third pic! Seems you had a nice time with your parents, I imagine how much you were full then!:) I dont like foie gras too and dont get why people need to eat it. Have a nice evening xo

  8. This looks so delicious :)
    It's nico to hear that you had a great time :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
    Instagram // Faceboook

  9. gorgeous hair! and the food looks incredible! looks like a great outing!


  10. That is so nice of you taking your parents out for a really nice evening with great food. I have been loving your light coloured hair and matching eyebrows! All the food looks delicious of course. One question, why is everything so crystal clear BUT your face? lol

    1. My mum took several pics of me and I looked either grumpy or they were blurry. This one was the most 'original' one, so I chose to post it.

  11. Your hair is gorgeous!! Love the color too :D

  12. Awesome pics
    everything looks so yummy


  13. Stunning harido and delicious food!!! Love!!
    xoxo, Jane

  14. You look glamourous and exquisite for the occasion. I love truffles, my mum was a caterer and used to make us truffle mashed potatoes ... it's delicious! The restaurant will need to be on my list! :)

  15. your hair looks really stunning this way and all of this food looks great. your mom sounds lovely.

    rae of lovefromberlin

  16. Beautiful hair! And the food looks delicious!!!!

  17. Your looks gorgeous! It must have been a fun and memorable night with your mom. The food are just delicious and elegant down to the Rosë and desserts.

  18. I never ate foie gras, but seriously I don't like it how it looks, and because I am a vegetarian I would never try it. Love your hair and the elegant ambiance too, such a great place!

  19. You look stunning Anouka, love the rich auburn hue, so beautiful. The restaurant looks unbelievable, the dishes are very exquisitely presented and lets not get started on the dessert, wow! Thanks for taking the time to visit...May your week be creatively composed.

  20. I actually love the hair, and the dinnerware is too good !

  21. Anonymous15:37

    yes,you're right your hair are a kind of auburn...but they look great with your black outfit...did you wear black shoes too...maybe heels?...by the way,congrats for your fast car...wow!

    1. Yes, I wore black patent Chanel pumps with a gold heel. Thanks.

    2. Anonymous07:09

      Wow, I wonder you look stunning wearing that fabolous shoes.do you think to share a photo of it? it would be great.

  22. I love the drama of your hair! Beautiful!!!

    And it looks like you had the perfect dinner to accompany it :)

  23. What a lovely lovely dinner! I like the presentation of the food which is so delicately done. They look so exquisite and almost like an art. Glad that you and your parents had a good time!

  24. The place and the food look great!

  25. pretty hair and the food looks so delicious!
    happy day sweety!


  26. What a wonderful place and beautiful food! And your hair looks so gorgeous, the proper red hair - absolutely love it! x

  27. This food looks scrumptious!!! And I am loving that hair!! :)
    xo TJ


  28. It looks delicious and your hair looks great!

  29. omg, sooo jealous!!! the food looks sooo scrumptious!!! :D the dessert looks so yummy!! fancy dinner, may i say.. and fab hair too!!! #bighairdontcare

    Animated Confessions

  30. wow loove your hair!!!!!!!

    Greetings from Paris :)

  31. Wow… that hair is amazing. It's beautiful! You have some great genes! :) xo


  32. Marvelous hair !
    And I want to eat now !

  33. This looks all so delicious! My food tastes are a lot like your parents and yours combined (yeah, I can eat anything) but I'm with you when it comes to the production of foie gras (even veal) and am totally against it.

  34. ouahhhh tu me fais réver, en prime j'habite en France alors bon, je devrai sans doute me rendre facilement au luwembourg pour gouter ces merveilles, je suis fan de truffes, mon dieu
    et tes cheveux sont juste sublimes c'est fou, quel volume

  35. The food is looking delicious!!!

    And it's nice to go for the opposite kind of hair style/ type when we go to our hair dressed


  36. Mmmm delicious photos! Love the colour of your hair dear




  37. wow hair! love it!
    These post make me hungry!!

    Lifestyle Blog

  38. Ah wow, this food looks so delicious! And your hair is amazing, glad you were going out afterwords :)

  39. You look beautiful! The food looks really good..I love the presentation of all the dishes, especially dessert!

  40. Love the hair! The degustation looks amazing, I like to try different dishes also! xoxo ES

  41. The food looks amazing, especially the deserts! Yummy!


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