Longchamp wallet & Cath Kidston goodies

In my previous post I told you that I was going to show you some of the birthday gifts that I received: I got a new Longchamp Le Foulonné Continental Wallet (colour: powder), as well as a couple of Cath Kidston goodies that my sister brought back from London. I haven't used such a large size wallet for a long time, so it's nice to change things up a bit and carry all my cards and stuff in this one. I really love the colour and I hope it will stay pristine for a long time. 


Raclette at Café bei der Giedel | Niederkorn

With the dropping temperatures, I really like looking forward to hearty cheesy dishes such as Flammekuchen and Tartiflette. Recently when I was in Dresden, I had the chance to have cheese fondue. On Saturday I went for dinner with my family and I was excited about eating raclette. Not that many restaurants, that I know of in Luxembourg, serve this delicious dish but Café bei der Giedel in Niederkorn does. 

We were a group of seven and funnily every single one us choose raclette. I asked for a vegetarian version and got a big plate of veggies as a side dish. We all absolutely loved our meals. At this occasion I got a couple of gifts as I recently celebrated my birthday. I will show them to you in my next post. 


Third iPhone in six months

This year I haven't been very lucky with my iPhones. I upgraded from my iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6 in May but as you know, I lost (or had it stolen) the device in September when I went to Dubai. A cheap Android by OBI helped me bridge the gap while I was abroad, then luckily I got to use my sister's old iPhone 5 once I was back in Luxembourg. It seemed to be ideal that the new iPhone 6s was about to come out in October. 


The Gallery at Sketch | London

I had seen articles and blog posts about this restaurant and I couldn't wait to experience it myself. And so I found myself at The Gallery at Sketch in London. It is actually a stone's throw from Tibits where D and I had dinner the night before. 


Holiday Inn London-Camden Lock

This is the room I stayed in when I was in London last weekend. My friend D had picked the Holiday Inn in Camden because it was close to the Roundhouse, where we went to see Suede. We were joking that it was quite different from the Emirates Palace that we stayed at together in Abu Dhabi. This hotel was good value and the bed was clean and comfortable.