Fourth of July

On Thursday Fab took me as her plus one to the Independence Day celebration at the US Embassy. It was incredibly hot (about 36 degrees Celsius) and we gladly accepted the Ben & Jerry's ice cream that was offered to us. We arrived towards the end of the celebration but we managed to get hold of a glass of bubbly and some finger food. Happy Fourth of July to those who celebrate it! 


Happiness Boutique

I had been looking for a bold classic necklace to wear this summer and miraculously soon after, I discovered the Pearl and Diamond Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique. It goes perfectly well with my black DVF wrap dress. Necklaces are an accessory that I tend to neglect but it's impressive how they can transform an entire look. 



On Friday I had dinner with a friend at the Clé de Sol. I really love their food; I had a prawn salad, followed by a cheese plate for dessert. The evening started off well, but then we were joined by a guy who couldn't stop talking about himself. It was draining and I couldn't wait to leave!


Cochem & Bernkastel-Kues

This is the final part about my recent trip to Germany. After visiting Marksburg, my bf and I travelled to Cochem, a charming little village, where we had dinner at Ratstkeller (the pink house in the photo below). 



After visiting Cologne and Bonn, we drove towards Koblenz, where we were going to visit three castles. As time was running, we only managed to pick and visit one: Marksburg. We were just in time for the last guided tour of the day (most castles close at 5 pm). Unlike Burg Eltz, access to this castle was quite easy and we didn't have to walk for miles. Interesting fact: four people are currently living inside Marksburg.